Happy 2015!

Last year, 2014, was one of the best and the hardest years of my life. I have finished my Fashion Journalism degree with 2:1, met a couple of new friends who seem to stay in my life for quite long time. I also moved into new flat with my boyfriend which was probably the biggest decision I made in my whole life.

Here we go again – new year, new start. Hope you all have a wonderful time this year that you’ll remember the whole life. 10895152_1524450051172579_440563838_n 10899014_1519006348368757_782791249_n


My trip to Jersey

My trip to Jersey in end of July was one of the best holidays I’ve ever had. Jersey is probably the closest island to France so there are many French people living there that makes the island even more wonderful. Amazing people, houses, beaches, food and one of my best friend’s wedding – everything in pictures.IMG_4124

IMG_4256 IMG_4214 IMG_4210 IMG_4209 IMG_4183 IMG_4169 IMG_4125  IMG_4120