Inspiration: tattoos

6acb616655aaeb1e73fe5f196b5ea84eWant to get a tattoo, this time for real, what do you think?

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Rihanna gets inked!


Rebellious Rihanna is famous not only for her music, behaviour and original style, but tattoos as well: drawings on the girl’s body has already achieved a significant collection.

This time, Rihanna inked more of her body. Two weeks ago, pop singer has added a tattoo to her collection while staying at the Dominican Republic where she was sunbathing, went swimming, and sipped beer together with her personal assistant Jennifer Rosales. 25 year old star was wearing only a tiny swimsuit, didn’t forget to share with her fans on Instagram.

Rihanna’s right arm was tatooed by a celebrity tattoo artist Keith McCurdy, also known as the ‘Bang Bang’, and Cally-Jo from New York tattoo salon ‘Bang Bang NYC’, during the 11-hour-long session.

The new body design has been adapted to the Maori tattoos on Rihanna’s right arm that she made ​​during her world tour ‘Diamonds’ in New Zealand.

It was probably the most challenging design Rihanna ever had. The painting was composed of elements that were very unique. Part of them were covered and pitched to create the new details.