Yellow explosion

I’ve probably never had yellow-coloured nails before but when I saw these yellow and matching sparkly nails varnishes in my manicurist’s collection, I just felt in love. This is how I started my holidays in my hometown Vilnius – bright and shiny.10314713_10201695202700537_129105189356168402_n


Party 2013 or what will be if the end of the world won’t happen

44e001a1c8438f76e71f9e5785ad838fThe pre-Christmas period makes people run around the town not only because of the gifts but also in quest of a particular garment or accessory that will make them shine during the festive season.

This year there is no strong tendency how your Christmas and New Year’s outfit should look like. It is only better because every woman will find something looking at designer’s clothes.

Black is always elegant but now it is in the background. New Year should be bright, neon, shiny.

If you still want to moderate, designers say to pay the attention to the royal blue, turquoise or dark red.

The body, so-called “nude”, pink colours are a great option as well but you should combine it with dark make up and bright details.

There are some options for whose who want something with a rowdy twist. So even fashion house Chanel puts pants under the surface of long dresses and designer Jean Paul Gaultier offers these crazy options when the outfit can become an unforgettable memory for all the years ahead.

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