Nails: check!



Yellow explosion

I’ve probably never had yellow-coloured nails before but when I saw these yellow and matching sparkly nails varnishes in my manicurist’s collection, I just felt in love. This is how I started my holidays in my hometown Vilnius – bright and shiny.10314713_10201695202700537_129105189356168402_n

Olympics 2012: Ruta Meilutyte

On Monday evening, 100 m breaststroke swimming final national record holder 15-year-old Lithuanian Ruta Meilutytė fought with seven competitors on the London Summer Olympic Games. R. Meilutytė started really well in the selection and semifinals, and took the opportunity to win gold medal.

Even upcoming Gabriele Urbonaite’s movie The Swimmer was inspired by Ruta.

This is her manicure which was definitely based on Lithuania’s national flag.