New purchases!

As Zara and Mango have huge sales right now, I couldn’t resist to spend quite a lot of money. But, oh well, it’s my birthday after all!


81213167_OW-83308558_33-83622026_30-83601061_ND   83308558_33

83609031_ND 83609031_ND_D2

83601060_ND_D1 83601060_ND_D2

83208932_02 83208932_02_D1



zara-dusty-pink-sleeveless-long-work-dress-product-3-6854773-052909282_large_flex zara-dusty-pink-sleeveless-long-work-dress-product-1-6854773-061279740_large_flex

7437028537_1_1_1 7437028537_2_2_1 2294074061_1_1_1 2294074061_2_3_1

0881025420_1_1_1 0881025420_2_1_1


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