Inspiration: ear cuffs

2013 is the year of expressive jewelry. Massive, colourful variety of stones encrusted jewelry is really fashionable this season. Forget about traditional necklaces, bracelets or earrings, and have a look to ear cuffs.

No matter how strange it sounds, a little ear accessory just looks amazing! And the best thing is that many of them don’t need unnecessary additional holes in your ears.

This accessory saves us from the massive earrings which are often so heavy that we just dream to take them off. Furthermore, this looks perfect with messy bun or ponytail.

     98d2d550f92cdfb9d489b767a9bbfcc1 9332d69221b1f4077b675b9cc70a9e37995cf09b695b402ae63cc0f0188082dbaf46ffb4d469025abbc134cdb7976d19

f94dd6bb1fa6d7b573e6cf148f2c1080 00527ec3ae7db86823002b1a05327e40


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