Being a model in a different light

By Greta Gedminaite


Being an incredibly tall (180cm), it seems that she floats above the crowd. But model Berta Zubrickaite, 19, is admired not only for her natural beauty. Her disposure to seek her dreams and goals is even more impressive than her non-makeup face.


It all started more than two years ago at the contest of “Baltic Model Management” where Berta was forced to go by her friends. She passed all the stages and took her first steps in the world of fashion. After less than a year she went to work with “Surge”, the model agency based in Tokyo.


“I never wanted to be a model, I don’t even know why. Everything just seemed to be so stupid and superficial. Even now sometimes I think the same. It’s not like I would love my job. Still, sometimes you feel like an object and it’s not the best feeling in the world.”

By Markas Cechanovicius


To work as a model is not as easy as it seems to be. Ordinary working day often is often very tiring. “You come to the airport after 16 hours flight, someone meets you there, or sometimes you even have to find your way to a flat on your own, then you have about 15 minutes to get ready. The castings took me about 15 hours per day.”


“Asian people who work in fashion are hypercritical. Once I had to be photographed in 109 outfits, and they fix your make up and hair after every change, it’s so annoying!”


Berta’s advert’s list is quite impressive – she was modelling for China’s Chloe, Calvin Klein, Lacoste and Dior. However, she stays modest and says that “nobody really cares if you’re modelling for Asia’s market, it doesn’t mean anything here in the UK.”

By Greta Gedminaite


This year was really successful for the model. “I’ve done “Escada” advert in Tokyo, I was really lucky to get this one” – smiles Berta. She says that job in Asia opened the doors to the totally different life. “The last trip was quite exiting, one of my friends came too, we were partying what I’ve never done before in Tokyo. Actually, now I see that when there is a harmony between job and parties, you are more successful.”


Asked why we can’t see her face in the UK, where she lives now, if there should be just one advertisement for the whole world, she answers that “all these luxury brands create different things for different markets”. “The catwalks make you famous but the look-books and photo-shoots give you money” – says Berta.

By Viktorija Bali


“Many people think that models are perfect but everything goes around the team work. Make up, hair, clothes, photographer, stylist – everything and everyone is important, it’s not just one person.”


Berta notices that modelling gives you monetary freedom and it is not a rare thing when girls earn the same amount of money as their parents. “Model’s career is a school of life. You become more mature and can make many useful connections.”


She started modelling at the age of 17. However, Berta argues that the biggest minus of this career is that models become younger and younger. “I’ve seen 12, 13 years old girls coming to work. A 12-year-old is just a child, all this business takes the whole childhood away from you. A person should be really strong to survive.”

This year Berta moved to London to study BA Criticism, Communication & Curation at Central Saint Martins College. What she likes about it is that she doesn’t have to go anywhere, everything is just right here – people with the backgrounds from all over the world, food, atmosphere. “There are a couple of guys who walk in skirts and heels to uni, and for me it seems so strange! I’d never paint my hair green or red ever in my life!”


What are her plans for the future? “I’d like to organize events related to fashion. Now I’m looking for some internships and will try to organize my friend’s, who is a photographer, exhibition.”



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