Beauty Box or How To Discover The Beauty

Once upon a time when I decided that I want something but didn’t know what, I signed in on Elle | The Club. There was an offer to get a three month’s subscription of beauty box from She Said Beauty with 20 per cent discount.

The thing is that you register on this website, fill form about yourself (skin type, eyes and hair colour, what products are you interested in) and get a beauty box which includes different products which are supposed to suit you (mine did).

The advantages of this box (well, I think it’s kind of plus) is that you can never know what you’ll get. Every-month surprise.

All products are either different, either it’s good to have a couple of them (eg night cream testers). You don’t get the huge amount of product but it’s enough to try and see if you want to buy that product or not.

Disappointment – just five products (I’ve got 2 testers of the night cream, you can see only one in the picture)

The box itself. Beautiful. I would choose different colours but the whole quality is really good in general.

Did anybody order the beauty box, what did you get?


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