Lana del Rey for H&M

Singer Lana del Rey was welcomed by fashion world with open arms. Swedish company H&M chose her as the face of the latest collection.

Campaign developers say that they were considering who could be the future face collection quite long. However, they decided to choose Lana del Ray who is characterized by the unique style. Although it is the first big debut in fashion for the 26-year performer, she has already managed to work as a model and be on the cover of British Vogue.

Despite the fact that her latest album “Born to Die” wasn’t very well received by critics and audiences, American singer Lana Del Rey got a million-worth contract by clothing manufacturer H&M and became the promotional face of the company’s “LA Noire” collection. H&M staff and partners in New York held a closed party with Lana del Ray’s performance.

In H&M Autumn-Winter collection presentation Lana Del Rey’s image reminds seventies housewife: high hair, black eyes and a fluffy pink sweater – that’s the look of Video Games’ star.


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