Women representation in European society. Is it true?

Recently I was writing an essay about this topic at university and I think the best source is the movie Miss Representation. If it would be my decision, I would show it in every single school. +


Women’s rights and status in society is an especially important topic nowadays. Thanks to long-term efforts of women’s rights defenders, situation in society is much more favourable to women than a few centuries ago.

Technological evolution and the beginning of industrialization, when people started using the means of production, women became more economically dependent on men. They were assigned to children’s parents, as well as cooks and home supervisors role. Men have become the means of production “managers” and the women were not allowed to use them. Women were become much more dependent on men in economic terms.

Women’s situation has changed after the craft spread the work process involved not only men and women but also the children. With the development of manufacturing industry, the number of working women increased, they participated in the textile manufacturing process but this work did not improved their situation because it has been abused women and the situation of their rights became even worse.
Women get know about their status as an object not only when they are bullied at work or street. Prostitution, beauty contests and, of course, advertising teaches how to transform a person into object which people could have and hurt. Exactly this way, with the support of public, is used to create representation of woman nowadays, according to which women are mass-reproduced images in the press, TV on the Internet.

In popular culture, woman suffers from her own body and other visual imperfections. She doesn’t think that perfection is the work of the consumer society – fake, created, unrealistic. Hopefully, today’s woman will be able to separate distinction between the body and spirituality so it can be found many women’s disagreements with themselves and environment samples everywhere, including mass media.


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