What to wear to prom?

Beginning of the summer – it’s not just a holiday season, but the marathon of graduation as well. Graduates and students who have passed examinations, start to rotate their heads what to wear on prom. The decision for guys is really easy. Just buy elegant suit and shoes. Meanwhile, girls’ graduation outfit – one of the hardest topics before the holidays.

To choose a dress for prom is as difficult as weddings because every girl wants it to be special but at the same time simple and comfortable. I hope that my combinations will help you.

1. Pastels in recent years are really popular. They are easy to combine with each other and with other colours. You can wear the pastel dress and accessories in the same tone or choose the brighter accessories.

2. For girls who love classic black and white look, I would recommend to choose not only entirely black or white dress but the two-color combination. In this case both the black and white accessories will fit. The jewellery can be any colour.

3. Let’s do not forget that the maxi dresses are suitable not only for the beach. Long dress can look very elegant and could be perfect for one of your most important celebrations. Maxi length dresses advantage is that it will hide your legs if you do not want to show them.

4. Bright colours. If you want to be really noticeable, choose bright colours such as turquoise, bright red, pink, green, blue, purple. All these colours look beautiful with the golden accessories. There are many bright dresses in any store, simply select the desired length.


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