Place, where live most fashionable people from Paris

Colette – luxury, conceptual art and fashion boutique in Paris. Fashion fanatics and other people like to visit the cute, cozy, wrapped Colette art spaces not only because of the fact that Colette always offer limited edition clothing, accessories or just a tiny and beautiful things.

Colette,the most famous conceptual store in Paris, became a fashion authority. If you follow fashion trends, you just have to visit the luxurious St. Honoré street located shop. Signs note – a very modest, and architecture – unremarkable,but all three floors of fashion Mecca’s beauty is revealed only stepped inside.

The first floor is built by a wall of sneakers, lined novelties, accessories, piles ofmagazines and the latest technological wonders. All this is enlivened by funky music rhythms. The second floor is filled by Dior, Prada, Chanel and other famous fashion clothing, perfume and cosmetics. In addition, there is the continuously developed and modified various exhibitions – from Barbie dolls to exposure to the fun of knitting narrating works.

To get to the basement along the “water bar” fashionable Parisians queue waiting for about an hour. Full basement smells of oriental Colette perfume. Fashionable Parisians just live here!


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