And the winner of Eurovision 2012 is…

For God’s sake, please don’t think I am stealing Virginia‘s idea. I am writing this post because we were watching Lithuanian final of the Eurovision Song Contest last Saturday (yes, I am from Lithuania, now you have what to google about and yes, we have never won the Eurovision and every year I keep telling that it will be the last time me watching it) and, compared to other delegates who will be going to Baku this year, Lithuanian singer Donatas Montvydas seems quite well (and, please, watch from 1.30 – it is amazing!). It reminds me of that a little bit.

Actually, my favourite was Beissoul, unfortunately, he didn’t win…

AND THE WINNER (without any competitors) IS…



6 thoughts on “And the winner of Eurovision 2012 is…

  1. I have to agree with you that Beissoul was better than Donny Montell. And Donny still has to work on his pronunciation if he want to be in the final. But, I am sure he is going to do well in ESC.
    Talking about Russia… Are sure? I think Europe is still loving pop music and good looking singers :DD

  2. You can denied, but her performance was perfect.
    Every year the viewers like different kind of music, so it is very hard to predict. I am sure, if every year the winner song would be the same genre, it wont be interesting, will it?

  3. Ha ha. I think the main milestones which every participant should consider are:
    1. A simple and catchy tune that even a 3 yrs old kid could hum easily.
    2. Something cultural, authentic, related to the country which a delegate comes from.
    3. Extremely unique costumes etc.
    4. And the last – Eurovision is a show. Mediocre whiners’ songs about love, feelings etc. do not even seem to pretend to be successful.

    It’s all about show.

    That’s why I do agree with you and am quite sure that the next Eurovision song contest will be held in Moscow.

    Buranovskiye Babushki are nuts!

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