How To Get Shot By The Sartorialist

Scott Schuman’s journeys are extended from the world’s most famous capitals such as Paris or New York. All this for one purpose – stylish people search. Be photographed by this man – a real recognition and evaluation.

Job in the popular men’s shop Chess King clothing sales, costume design studies at Indiana University and 15 years of working in the men’s fashion industry is not just a brief biography of Scott but also the factors that definitely shaped his personality and developed a unique sense of style. The birth of daughter made him give up his job and Scott Schuman began to write blog The Sartorialist. Soon this blog has received recognition, and now any fashionista can’t imagine a day without him.

It is doesn’t matter if people are posing or simply caught walking down the street, cycling, dancing, talking on the phone – photos always look like very naturally and vividly.

As soon as you open your web browser, the first thing what you do is going to famous The Sartorialist? And, furthermore, you can’t understand how all these people managed to get into that?

Don’t worry, this is a detailed plan which will make your dreams come true:


So, boys and girls – go for it!


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