Lina Plioplyte and Advanced Style

While reading Tavi Gevinson’s blog The Style Rookie, my eyes caught the Lithuanian name – Lina Plioplyte. I knew her before this post but decided to write about this because just now I saw the Advanced Style series about old ladies’ style. Of course, she has a website called Teenage Peanut where you can see all of Lina’s work.

Why many 30-year-old women choose comfortable jeans and sneakers while others, being in their eighties, wear a lot of make up and high heels? Once Coco Chanel said: “You live but once; you might as well be amusing.” This is the basis of these series.

Actually, Lina Plioplyte looks very extravagant by herself:

Picture via Marie Claire

It is interesting to watch these short movies not only because of funny moments which makes you think “I would like to have a grandmother like this” sometimes, but also because all these people talk about interesting social topics, for example, stereotype of old person in our society, fashion business or creativity.

I might add that all this movement and activity of older people expressing themselves through clothing and accessories can even be described as a subculture with a sort of traditions, trends and general approach.


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