David Beckham Bodywear for H&M

David Beckham has quite honest designed textiles for the fashion company H & M. His change was essential.
A couple of classic briefs, boxer shorts and tops. The colors: black, white, gray.

It’s not about cut, shape or color but production – and it is a masterpiece Beckham. Three years ago he posed for Emporio Armani. At that time and in underwear, Beckham was oiled like a pork rind, with no hair on his chest, body steeled.

For photographer David LaChapelle, he posed in tight and short denim shorts, with the first button opened there. Pictures of Beckham were always a little camp – they were playing with the exaggerated almost to the border of kitsch and bad taste.

Last year he managed the footballer got the title of the magazine Fantastic Man. He surprised everyone with adrettem style – no more nails painted, only glasses and a tie. The 36-year-old had become a mainstream man.

And this is how it looks in Sunderland:

David Beckham

In the 30-second black and white video he looks at the camera. The camera zooms in on his tattoos – Beckham has reportedly more than 20 of them. Photographer: Courtesy Photo of H&M


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